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Schedule a Restoration Appointment

Please note: With current COVID restrictions, we are not 
accepting new projects until mid-2021

Are you ready to make the commitment to have your vintage motorcycle restored?  
Here's the way we approach every project.  Please read this entire page thoroughly -
including "Important Info" - to understand our procedure, which is:

1.  Request an Restoration Appointment  
To request an appointment, email us ( the following: 
•  your full name, mailing address, daytime phone number & email address
•  year / make / model of your bike
•  several clear, digital photos of the bike including side shots & close ups
•  what level restoration are you interested in: Level A or B? 
•  ... if you chose Level B, what kind of work are you wanting to have done?
•  is bike complete/in one piece OR in pieces/basket case/disassembled?

•  Level A: Show quality with total restoration of all mechanical & cosmetics 
components - "down to the bare frame"
  ~ Starting at $12,500 US + 24 months for completion with $3,500 deposit
  ~ Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki start at $16,000 US + 24 months 
for completion
  ~ BMW and certain other makes only accepted as Level A restorations
  ~ 0 to 50cc bikes start at $6,000 US + 12 months for completion
  ~ Basket case projects ONLY accepted as total restorations & may require 24 months 
for completion
​  ~ (Completion date is estimated, not a guarantee)

•  Level B: Mechanically sound & w/some cosmetic work (some paint or chrome 
or polish)
  ~ Starting at $6,500 US + 18 months for completion with $2,500 deposit
  ~ Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki start at $7,500 US + 18 months 
for completion
  ~ BMW and certain other makes only accepted as Level A restorations
  ~ 0 to 50cc bikes start at $3,500 US + 12 months for completion
​  ~ (Completion date is estimated, not a guarantee)

2.  Email Reply:  Within 24 hours we'll acknowledge your request for an appointment.
Please be sure to answer ALL the information requested in section 1.

3.  Project Questionnaire:  after your waiting list request is accepted, you'll receive
an email with with 49-questions pertaining to your bike, the work desired, your  
budget, time frame and further details about our service & restoration program. 

4.  Schedule Drop Off:   Once the completed questionnaire is received & we 
accept your project, we will schedule an appointment for you to bring or have your bike
shipped to our shop.  We offer appointments Tuesday and Friday from 11 am to 6 pm ET 
and Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm ET.  (Closed every Sunday & Monday & Thurs)  We are
located in central Virginia.  Directions:
(The customer is responsible for transportation to and from our shop. We don't
have a loading dock or fork lift so the transport company must be able to put a 
rolling, moving bike on the ground, not crated in a box.)
Here are three suggestions on how to get your bike to us:
1. Pick-up truck or cargo van - borrow or rent
2. Trailer - borrow or rent. Select U-haul locations rent
motorcycle specific trailers for around $25 a day (as of November 2020)
3. Motorcycle transport company - several of our customers have used with success. Average price from Midwest to Virginia is $750 with     
6 to 8 weeks delivery (as of November 2020.) 
Note: this transport company uses tractor trailers. If one can't fit down your street, 
you'll need to make arrangements to meet the truck elsewhere.

5.  Shop Visit & Estimate Fee:  Payment of the $180 estimate fee (non-refundable) is
due at the time of the visit.  Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, Mastercard, Visa or PayPal to  Visits are for 1 hour & we'll help unload the bike from your truck or trailer.

6.  Estimate Preparation:  We require 8 weeks to prepare your estimate & the bike must be left at our shop the entire time. Our estimate is the blueprint detailing how we plan to restore or service your vintage motorcycle.  We inspect your bike with an experienced, critical eye looking for mechanical and safety issues, then cosmetic 
effects.  We do our best to anticipate all labor hours and parts, but we reserve a cushion of 30 - 50%.  Each estimate is divided into "Mechanical" - parts & labor required to make the bike idle, run & be safe - and "Cosmetic".  Mechanical work is nonnegotiable while Cosmetic allows for choices.

7.  Estimate Review / Deposit Requirement:  Your estimate will be emailed to you as a PDF document & will include digital photographs. You will have 7 days to review the Estimate.  The deposit is required within 14 days of approval.  Estimate questions, concerns, or changes can be handled at this time.  You will be required to either sign the estimate or provide an email stating your acceptance.

8.  Payments:  You have a choice of either monthly or quarterly payment schedule and you also get to pick when you want your payment due - 1st of the month, middle or end.  An email reminder will be sent to you a few days prior to the payment due date.  We offer 0% financing. Cash Discount: Deposit or payments made via cash, money order, personal or bank check will receive a 2% bonus.  Example:  $2,000 deposit or payment paid in cash/check/money order will be credited to your estimate as $2,040 - a $40 bonus.  This credit does not apply to debit card, credit card, or PayPal deposit or payments.

9.  Progress Reports:  Via E-mail you will receive monthly payment reminders, photographs & progress reports.  Some months there may be little to report, but we will always be in touch.  You're welcome to call or email anytime for a status update.

10.  Test Riding / Fine Tuning:  You will be notified when the project is in its final stage of test riding & fine tuning.  This stage can last 1 to 3 weeks & is weather dependent. Several road tests are performed on paved roads with varying speeds, straight-aways, and curves.  Road testing requires safe road & weather conditions so there is no testing during rain, snow, sleet, ice or if there is sand & salt on the road.  After road testing, your bike is giving a thorough cleaning & final inspection before it is released.  Test riding averages 50 to 100 miles.  At this time we also video tape the bike idling, running and Randy riding it.

11.  Completion / Final Payment:  When your motorcycle is ready, it will be time to schedule a pick up appointment and prepare the final payment.  Final payment is due at pick up time.  We ask that when you come to pick up the bike, YOU take it for a test ride for no less than 10 miles (Virginia has a helmet law).  If unable to test ride, a waiver will have to be signed saying they have seen the bike idle & runs per the video we create prior to pick up..  Questions or issues will be addressed before you head home. 

12:  Follow up:  1 week after final payment/pick up, we will contact you to follow up on the bike & ask how it's performing.  Another contact will be made 4 weeks later.  We offer a 30-day warranty on workmanship and want to know you're happy with your bike so we stay in touch.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION                                                                                                                       Top 
•  All our Level A or Level B restorations require sufficient time to test ride and fine tune the vehicle before being released to the customer.  Test riding, fine tuning & inclement weather may add 1 to 4 weeks to the complete 2 stroke motorcycles will be accepted on a case by case basis
•  Any vehicle brought to us for service or restoration WILL be repaired correctly without reservation.  Worn out carburetors = will be replaced.  Worn clutch plates = will be replaced.  Leaky engine =  rebuilt.  Sticky brakes =  rebuilt/replace. Dry rotted tires & hoses = replaced.  Decaying wiring harness = replaced.  If the Level A or Level B budget is at maximum, optional or cosmetic work may be curtailed so proper mechanical servicing can be performed. 
•  No warranty/guarantee on used parts be they from your bike or purchased.
•  We do not accept heavily modified motorcycles or race bikes.
•  We will not compromise on safety related repairs or parts such as tires, brakes, or steering.  If customer declines safety related repairs, we reserve the right to refuse service. 
•  Vehicles left at our shop 15 days after completion, decline of service, or Randy's Cycle Service & Restoration's refusal to service will be subject to $60 a day storage fees.  Storage fees can only be paid with cash - no check, credit cards or Paypal.
•  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.  
•  We're closed between Christmas & New Years, 4th of July week, August 29, the week of Thanksgiving, and December 18.  We also close throughout the year to attend bike shows & various events.  Please visit our website’s Home Page for our up-to-date closure & event schedule.  
Let us professionally restore a vintage motorcycle for you!
2 of our Webpages you  need to review before submitting an Appointment/Waiting List Request:

Restoration: it's important to become familiar with this entire page whether you want Level A or Level B restoration.  This page contains over 100 detailed examples of our work including many photographs & videos

Services:  this page breaks down the major components of a restoration with details including pricing & turn around time.  Detailed examples include engine rebuilding, carburetor work, painting, polish, wheel re-lacing, re-upholstering of seat & much more.
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