Honda CB750 Speedometer & Tachometer Gauge Restoration
No mechanical repairs.  Cosmetic restoration only on CERTAIN Honda CB750 gauges
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Speedo & Tach from 
1971 Honda CB750 K1
Metal gauge surrounds stripped of old paint 
& ready for fresh black paint

Speedo & Tach from 1975 Honda CB750 K5
We can re-set your speedometer to zero, if you prefer.  
The 1.2 and .6 mile is from testing the speedometer after the numbers were re-set
New "Jewels"
Yellow, Green, Red
$12 ea
Extra charge for re-chroming back of gauge cup, professional re-jacketing of the wiring harness
 (we don't use electrical tape!) 
& new rubber vibration dampener band
Re-chroming is $120 per cup
Re-jacketing adds $10 per wiring harness
        Gauges we can          Cosmetically Restore
Speedometer or Tachometer

  • 1969 Honda CB750 K0
  • 1970 Honda CB750 K0
  • 1971 Honda CB750 K1
  • 1972 Honda CB750 K2
  • 1973 Honda CB750 K3
  • 1974 Honda CB750 K4
  • 1975 Honda CB750 K5
  • 1976 Honda CB750 K6
  • 1977 Honda CB750 F1 Super Sport
Revitalize the Spirit & Beauty of your Classic Bike
Are your vintage Honda CB750 gauges worn & faded?  Here's what we can provide:

$268.50 per gauge with metal case & glass lens    
    Exchange the black metal case & clean/re-use the glass lens
    * Remove the old gauge face plate & old crimp ring
    * Install new gauge face plate & new crimp ring
    * Paint the needles white with orange tips
    * Re-use the indicator "crystals" on applicable models
    * $180.00 labor + $88.50 parts

$399 per gauge with plastic case & acrylic lens 
   * Replace plastic case & acrylic lens
   * Remove the old gauge face plate
   * Install new gauge face plate
   * Paint the needles white with orange tips
   * Re-use the indicator "crystals" on applicable models

These items are additions & cost extra    
     (Parts Pricing as of August 2018)
    * $140 = re-chrome back of gauge cup (see below)
    * $10 = re-jacket wiring harness (see below)  
    * $20 = new round glass lens
    * $49.50 = new speedo or tach face plate (included in standard rebuild)
    * $37 = new round stainless steel crimp ring (included in standard rebuild)
   $65 = metal speedo or tach case (see below)
    * $12 each = new indicator "crystals" - red, orange or green
   * $3 each = illumination bulbs
    * $60 = new rubber vibration dampener/band for gauge cup or mount 
depending on year (see below) 
    * $10 = rubber vibration dampener/band for glass lens (see below)
   * $12 = rubber inner metal case seal (see below)
    * $5 = indicator "crystals" light shields (see below) 
    * $5 each = rubber mounting cushion (see below)   
   ​* $20 = needle
    * $15/$25 = Shipping & insurance via US Postal Service Priority
NOTE: We do NOT accept customer provided replacement parts

Shipping gauge(s) to us?  
1. EMAIL US to confirm we can cosmetically restore your particular gauge(s). 
Photos of the gauges may be required. Provide your full name, year, make & 
model of the bike, photos of the gauge and if you want both gauges worked 
on or only Speedo or Tach.  Our email is  
                                                                                                                                                                                                       2. When you receive our response to ship the gauge(s), provide the following 
in the box:
  • Your full name & complete mailing address
  • Daytime phone number & email address
  • Year, make & model of the vehicle the speedo/tach are from
  • Do you want to keep speedo mileage as is OR re-set to zero? 
  • If the back of the gauge is chrome, do you want it re-chromed?
  • Do you want the wiring harness re-jacketed?
  • Include $180 deposit PER GAUGE payable by cash, check payable to "Randy's Cycle Service", credit card, or PayPal to 

3. When packaging the gauges, be sure they are up right in the boxnot face down.  If we can not restore the gauge(s), you will receive half of your assessment fee/deposit when we return your gauges via US Postal Service Priority Mail.

4. We'll contact you by email as soon as the gauge(s) arrive at our shop.  Within 3 - 5 days, an estimate will be created and emailed to you.  Once your approval is received, the work will be scheduled and the date will be provided to you.
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New rubber vibration dampener band $60 each
Turn around time is
6 weeks
Examples of our work are below
rubber vibration dampener/band for glass lens $10 ea
indicator "crystals" light shields
$5 ea
Replacement metal case $60 each
Replaceable, worn items
Rubber inner case seal $12 each
We don't sell parts separately from the service
We do NOT accept customer provided replacement parts
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Rubber mounting cushions from underside of gauge cup
$5 ea
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