* We can clean and seal painted or unpainted vintage gasoline tanks
* We ONLY work on vintage tanks - examples below
* Chromed tanks are accepted on a case by case basis
* We do not accept tanks with internal baffles

2 - 3 gallon vintage gasoline tank sealing starts at $410 (as of Nov 1, 2020)
cleaning system = $240
to $45 depending on condition of cap.  New gasket will most likely be required.
sealer & paint = $240
fiberglass tanks may require additional labor to seal.
may not be accepted for sealing.

Because we don't work on all gas tanks, contact us via email ( BEFORE shipping.  
Include digital photos of the gas tank with your email.  When shipping, please include:
Sealing the Fuel Tank from a 1978 Yamaha DT 175E
We reseal tanks that are painted or, as in this case, stripped of paint prior to painting.
Before                                        During                                         After
1970 BSA Royal Star gasoline tank

Before & the product we removed from the interior of the tank from its previous tank sealing.
After - a beautiful, original tank cleaned, inspected, and sealed without any harm to the paint or chrome.
Sealing the Fuel Tank from a 1972 Yamaha RD250
This tank had a perfect & original paint job but a not-so-perfect gas cap gasket, which we replaced.  
The tank had been lined only months before coming to us, but the lining was falling in on itself. 
The previous gas tank lining, which was only a few months old, was falling in on itself because the old rust wasn't removed prior to sealing.  Here's a small piece of the old lining.
Sealing complete with no harm to the original paint
1975 Triumph Trident T160
1969 BSA 441 Victor Special
from a 1972 Yamaha RD250
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